Get a 60 Day Tourist Visa @ The Thai Embassy, Vientiane

Many tourists decide to extend their stays in Thailand and need to get a tourist visa when their 30 day visa exemption has run out.

The closest city that offers tourist visas to Korat is Vientiane, the capital of Laos which is about six hours by car (but it's best to leave it in one of the secure compounds in Nong Khai unless you enjoy driving in the right hand side of the road) and seven and a half hours by bus. The times vary greatly (by up to an hour either way) depending on how much queuing is needed to leave Thailand, get a Laos Visa and to enter Laos.

When you arrive in Vientiane get a tuk tuk or taxi to take you to the Thai Embassy (costs around 60 Baht but they will ask for a lot more when they see a Farang). 

To apply for a visa you'll need to be there before 12:30 midday but it's best to get there early because there are often long (sometimes very long) queues. 

The first job is to get a queuing number from the automatic dispenser at the back of the open air seated area. You then wait for your number to be displayed on the queue number board, when it is you go and collect a form and are asked a few questions. 

You then go and fill in the form after which you then return when your number is called again and present the form, your passport, a photocopy of your passport (photocopier available up-stairs) and two recent passport photographs, you are then given a receipt for your passport. You then go inside the Embassy building with your receipt, wait for your number to be called once again, present your receipt and pay for your visa.

You then go on your merry way to do whatever takes your fancy, if only someone had set up What's On Vientiane, you'd be overwhelmed with ideas.

The next afternoon it's time to return to the Embassy after 2:00pm to collect your passport and the shinny new Thai visa stuck to one if it's pages. Go inside the main Embassy building, get yourself anther number from the automatic queuing machine, wait for your number to be called, present your receipt and collect your passport.

The cost is currently 1900 Baht.

If all the queuing sounds like far too much hard work you can pay an agent (a few sit outside the embassy  at desks) to do all the work for you. He will fill in the forms, take care of the photocopying, submit the application (with a near guaranteed success rate), collect your passport for you and deliver it the next day to your hotel. 

The price isn't cheap at 5000 Baht but that includes the cost of the visa at 1900 Baht. If your time is worth 3100 Baht, or you absolutely hate queuing, or you will pass out if your in the open air surrounded by people for 3-4 hours, or your minted, give him a go.

If you are intending staying in Thailand for a longer period you could apply for a double entry visa which can give you up to six months (180 days) stay in Thailand as long as you extend it after 60 days, cross any border after another 30 days and then extend it again 60 days later. Due to abuse many people are turned down when applying for double entry visas and are only given a single entry for up to a 90 day stay.

Then it's back to the Thai border to continue your holiday.


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