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The new iPhone 6, the latest release in Apple's extremely successful iPhone range, has recently been made available in Thailand.

Prior to the October 31st launch date the Thailand distributor stated that the phones are to cost somewhere from 25,000 to 37,000 Baht depending on the memory storage capacity (from 16GB up to 128GB) of the phones and other features.

Taking into account current exchange rates, the price is thought to be a little high compared to US prices.

As of October 31st, the phones will have been released in 36 different markets worldwide.

The only place in Korat that will initially be selling the iPhone 6 will be iStudio, Korat's only authorised Apple dealer, on the third floor of the Mall. But the chances of getting one early on will be slim because demand will quickly and massively outstrip supply.

Some of the mobile phone networks will also be supplying them with high end monthly packages but again it is unlikely you will secure any of these for at least a few weeks from the launch date.

Price: 25,000 to 37,000 Baht

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