Buy some Fresh Pork @ DK Inter Food

DK Inter Food ​has been open since 2009 and ​is a local pork shop that sells just about every cut you can get at market prices. It is good quality meat, produced and butchered in Dan Kwien, and is sold from a clean air con shop in fridges or freezers - depending on the cut you are looking for.​ It is located right by the 5 way junction not far from the main train station in Korat.​

I have been buying a lot of their pork tenderloin (​'​san nai​'​ or ​'​san nok​'​ in Thai), which is about 140 Baht per kilo and is a really decent cut of meat. Perfect to make pork medallions for the BBQ. I have also bought a lot of ribs, as they have shorter ribs that marinade well and cook evenly, unlike the long curved ribs I am used to seeing at Thai BBQ's. 

The pork mince is also very good. They have 2 different types, having ground the mince into 2 different textures, so you can order according​ to what you want to cook.

As well as local pork, they also sell several varieties of lettuce ​(iceberg, romaine, etc.) ​and a variety of bottled and canned good​s​, including A1 Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Tabasco and Lea & Perrins. It's a great stop off if you are planning a BBQ, or looking for a decent cut of pork for a roast of stew.

I highly recommend trying them out, and to make things even easier, the lady who runs the shop speaks excellent English to boot.

Paul Wicker

DK Inter Food Info:

Open: ​6:00am - 8:00pm (Every day)

Tel: ​080 727 9998​

Please click for the DK Inter Food Facebook page.

Address: ​Next to Fa Sang Hotel, Mookamontri Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

Directions: DK Inter Food is between St Mary's School and the large PEA Office at the 5 way junction on Mookamontri Road. Very close to where KCTV is located.​

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