Bakes @ Save One Market

Just a few years ago, you would have been hard pushed to find a place in town that could do a spinach and cheese bake or a ham cheese bake, but it seems that with the rise in fancy coffee shops, there has also been an increase in the number of Thai cooks attempting more adventurous foreign foods.

Save One market has a great selection of food, and if you are looking to try a cheap lasagne or spinach bake, try Chef Me Ob Cheese (right in front of The Pizza Company at Save One).

For just 45-55 baht you can try their selection of bakes, all served in a takeaway container. They do not live up to their European counterparts, but for the price, they are certainly worth a go. You will most likely have to nuke it when you get home, so remember to take it out of the metallic tray.

They have only just started, so I am sure that feedback will be greatly accepted. Who knows, their menu may grow further…

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