Gai Yang @ Mae Sri

I’ve spent several contented lunchtimes at Mae Sri now. It’s a new place, done with a mix of modern and traditional Issan décor. A bit like their menu in fact, tasty Isan dishes done with a modern tasty spin.

The furniture is very comfortable, and the natural lighting inside shows some good planning went into the place. It’s bright and pleasant in the cool aircon seating area.

I was particularly pleased with my gai yang (BBQ chicken), most Isan restaurant's gai yang taste the same, and it can be a little boring, but here it tastes like no gai yang you’ll have ever tried before. It was extremely juicy, tender and had lots of flavour. I also liked their Dam Tat, som tam served on a tray, although it wasn’t quite as good as the excellent Kean Khon’s. 

This is definitely a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. There is a barista machine so you can indulge your caffeine addiction. They have a reasonable size menu, mainly Isan style food but of a high quality and in very nice surroundings.

It’s located on Pho Klang road, between and parallel to the Korat Chef road, Suranaree, and the Klang Plaza road. It’s only been open a few weeks but their Thai customer base seems to grow all the time. Get over and see what the fuss is about!


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