Samosas @ The Indian Shack

Samosas are a fantastic side to any curry, but they act as an afternoon snack too. Where to get them from? That is the question. Look no further than this quaint little roadside shop near the Sima Thani intersection (see map and photos).

At just 10 Baht per samosa, you get real value for money; it’s too cheap to be honest. They can be bought straight out of the deep fat fryer or you can take them home and cook them yourself. Served with a rather spicy coriander and chili sauce, and packed with flavoursome vegetable filling, they put hunger at bay and give your taste buds a bit of a party.

Run by Indian Thais, the shop also stocks other great Sub-continental treats, including basmati rice (120 Baht for a 1kg bag), several recognisable Indian pickles in jars, poppadoms, special flour for making chapattis and rotis, varied Indian deserts and a host of spices from masala to chat.

A must visit for anyone wanting to make their own Indian food in Korat, though be warned you will drive past it two times before you see it. It really is a shack! 

Address: Leab Nakhon Road (Thanon Leab Nakhon on Google Maps), Ampwa, Korat, 30000

You will need to drive down the road that is parallel to the Mookamontri Road (to the west of the Sima Thani, not the Mookamontri Road that leads into town) on the other side of the railway line (south of the railway line). You'll find it one or two turnings west of the Mittraphap Road on the railway side of the road. Good luck!

Tel: 084-724-4217


Prices: Samosa = 10 Baht

1kg Basmati Rice = 120 Baht

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