Pad Krapow Moo Grob Khai Dao @ Gum Boots

Moo Grob (crispy pork) can be very hit and miss depending on the restaurant you go to. I personally think it is one of the best meats available, but it has to be crispy and not white, chewy and fatty.

Gum Boots rice shop offers the best moo grob in town in my opinion. Amazingly crispy, but still full of flavour. Not rubbery at all and you get lots in each portion. Chuck a khai dao (fried egg) on top and you are laughing.

I tend to order a few dishes, if I eat here with friends; pad si ew, pad prik pao kung, kanaa moo grob.

In truth they are all tasty, but the moo grob is something special and the prawn dishes are a close second.

The staff are hit and miss, some days friendly, but normally very quiet and standoffish. This never bothers me in a rice shop. They will normally ask if you want to eat there or box it and take it away.

I usually eat it at home in front of the telly (with plenty of water as it can be pretty spicy if you don’t tell them to make it mild – mai pet), though eating on Suranaree Rd is a great nocturnal activity. The road is bustling with traffic and people walking up and down during the early evening hours. A great people watching venue!

They open between 4pm and 5pm every day and stay open til pretty late. Usually they are busy, but you still get served quickly and free table water is provided if you are waiting. If you fancy doing some food shopping for home, why not pop into Korat Chef just a few doors down towards the 

George & Dragon Pub, or grab a sneaky beer?

Price: 60 Baht

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