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Filling is a relatively new bar that has opened on the Suranaree 2 Road (The Road that goes from the Pegasus Hotel past The Ram all the way to the Khon Kaen bypass road and runs parallel to the Mittrapap Road.) It is very close to some of the new housing developments like Neo Park and Venice Park and is a nice place to go and have a drink of an evening. It's interior design is very different to what I am used to with a very high wooden ceiling, comfortable sofa seating and lots of plants in the outdoor area to make it both a relaxing and enjoyable environment even though it is right on the side of the main road.

It stands out as a modern looking bar on the side of a road that is under extreme development, and I had a great time enjoying the atmosphere, live music, ambience (and to a lesser extent the food).

Having sat outside for the first hour, we ordered some 'gab kaem' (beer snacks). The crab sticks with wasabi were fine, mainly because you can't possibly mess up reconstituted crab sticks and wasabi makes everything taste the same! Next up was some moo dediow (sun dried pork which much have been confused with deep fried pork) which was far too fatty. It was basically deep fried fat and although a piece of it tasted alright, it became pretty intense to just chuck deep fried fat down my neck so I would recommend staying clear of this one unless you are trying to punish your arteries.

We moved inside when the rain came, and the waitresses were very accommodating inviting us to sit with them and enjoy the meal together. We decided to sit on our own instead and ordered a few more bits and bobs to go with the live acoustic set that was being played. The fried rice was excellent. It was massive and had good meat, a nice dark browny colour and was reasonably priced. I would put it up there with the best fried rice in Korat. The chicken in cashew nuts was less impressive. I order it a lot and am rarely disappointed. In the past I have had it come in a very ketchupy sauce and I have had a few bad ones I suppose, but this was uneatable. The chicken was just knuckles and I have a real fear of eating cartilage. The last dish was a very fatty pork in ginger.

My advice for this venue is to order drinks, enjoy the music and the scenery and perhaps order yourself some fried rice and crab sticks. Stick to what they do best - excuse the pun.

Address: Suranaree 2 Road (between Pegasus Hotel and Cafe Capu), opposite Neo Park, Korat.

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