Top 10 Sports Options @ Korat

Staying fit in Korat can be just as easy as staying fit anywhere! It can sometimes seem difficult because it is so hot for so many months of the year, but if you look at all the options there are in Korat to play sport and get in shape, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Here's What's On Korat's Top 10 exercise options you can enjoy in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Football - Play 6 a-side on a Monday or Thursday evening at Field of Dreams at Candyville (50-70 Baht per time).

Running - Go for a jog at Bung Talua lake on the south side of town. It's free and if you go at about 5:00pm it gets quite busy and you get a nice early evening breeze. One lap is 3km.

Gym - Join one of the many gyms in town. Beverly Hills, Janya, KS Pavillion, Sima Thani, Legend, SPA Fitness, TC Gym, Kissada, SUT, Fitness First, 80 Year Stadium Gym, etc. Memberships vary dramatically in price from about 700 - 2500 Baht per month.

Badminton - Play up at Peak Club by Bung Talua. Dead cheap and you can borrow racquets.

Squash - SUT have 5 new courts and racquets you can borrow for free. If you play squash you can use the gym for free (100 Baht per person). It's about 25 minutes out of town.

Tennis - Try the Geela Thessaban School. The courts are OK, and you are likely to be able to get a game without having to book in advance. You will need your own racquets.

Swimming - My favourite place to swim is the Mall. The Sripattana Hotel has a pool that you can use for 50 Baht a go and you could also go to Kissada, KS Pavillion and many other pools in the town centre.

Kayaking - Korat has a kayaking club and you can organise tours with guides too. A great weekend getaway designed for all skill levels.

Golf - Korat is famous for its golf. There are about 4 city courses, and plenty more out Khao Yai way. Get in touch with the Korat Golf Society on Facebook if you are looking for people to play with.

Cycling - You can rent some pretty dodgy bikes at Bung Talua and do the 3km circuit to build up some fitness. Alternatively, if you have a bicycle of your own, try joining the Korat bike club who met up on Friday evenings at Yamo at around 7:00pm.

For more info on any of the above sports, explore our sports section a little more. If you know of any sports that we are missing, please get in touch with our 'Tell us what's on' or 'Send us a review' buttons at the bottom of each page of the website. 

Enjoy, Team WOK.

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