Kurobuta Pork Collar Steak @ Dish Up NBK

Dish Up opened on ​15th ​January​ 2015​, and is a pork steak joint at Night Ban Ko Market on ​Suranarai Road on the way north to Joho. They have a smart little restaurant with about 10 small wooden tables that can sit up to about 25 people.

They have a nice small menu that focuses on pork steaks and has a few sides and salads too. We ordered a normal grilled pork chop and a Kurobuta pork steak which was considerably tastier and more tender, but cost 40 Baht more. Money well spent. Both pieces of meat came off the Premium Grilled Menu (the third choice was a grilled salmon steak). 

The pork chop was fine and came pretty quickly, so we were happy with the service, as well as the size of the portion and the presentation; the chips came stacked in a cute little basket made of rice cracker, something I have never seen before, but it looked very cute.​ There was also a fair sized salad on the side. The Kurobuta steak was darker in colour and soft. It was also leaner, and thicker. For 189 Baht, it's worth the upgrade.

For a cheaper pork steak, they also have a selection for just 109 Baht including a pork pepper steak, a pork BBQ steak and a variety of chicken steaks.

​Although it is a simple Thai restaurant with no air-con, it has the stylish feel of one of a funky coffee shop, with it's own​ branded​ bottled water​; a nice touch.​

​I would say that this place reminds me of Steak Banyaa in the middle of The Old Town, though it is based at a busy night market, so it is great for people watching. It is also a nice place to go in a small group, though the tables are small and not that easy to stick together, so I would recommend going in groups of 4 or less.

​A little gripe that I had was that the mashed potato wasn't hot, but after living in Thailand for 11 years, you get used to western food being served lukewarm or cold. It still frustrates me, but I see it as par for the course and try to deal with it.

​The music was classic coffee shop acoustic jazzy remixes that were popular in the west 15 years ago. All ​quite​ annoyingly catchy pop songs you will have heard too much on a Friday or Saturday night out in a B​angko​k nightclub, ​but in English nevertheless.​ It's not fair to say this is a bad thing, because it is so common in just about every restaurant in Korat at the moment.​ It was pleasant and at a good volume for eating.

​One thing I really liked was the "​Best ​Seller" and ​"Chef Recommended" icons on the menu​. They added a little character to the menu, which I thought was well put together and simple to navigate.​

Toilet ​situation: Markets in Thailand are notorious for their toilets, so be warned that the nearest toilets are a minute's walk away next to the local cocktail stand, but if you are looking for an altogether better lavatory experience, you may want to consider crossing the road to the nearby food market to use the facilities there.

Laurie Driver

Dish Up info:

​Open: 4:00pm - until 9:00pm​

Tel: 0925 858 800

Please click for the Dish Up NBK Facebook Page

Address: Night Ban Ko Market, Suranarai Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

Directions: Dish Up is next to the ravine near the main road at Nigh Ban Ko Market on the same road as Rajabhat University, not far from The Royal Dusit Princess Hotel

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