Go for a run @ Bung Talua

Bung Talua Lake Park is a wonderful place to relax in the evenings and a top spot to go and do your daily exercise in Korat. It's by the army base and has lots going on. The beautiful views and cool breeze make it the perfect location to go for a run or take a bike ride of an evening. There are also art sections, aerobics classes, dance lessons, canoeing, exercise areas with some basic machines and a gym that is about 3 quarters of the way round from the main car park.

The lake is 3km around and has markers every 100m so you can keep track of your speed and distance covered. There is also a big digital clock at the main car park to see what your lap times are. If you want to walk or run less than 3km, you can take a short cut over the bridge and across the island to shave off about a kilometre or so. The running track is split into 2 sections; the inner part for slower joggers and the outer lane for the speed demons, though it's not strictly adhered to.

Access to the park is free, but if you are parking in the main car park, there may be car park attendants collecting a small fee of 5-10 Baht. If you arrive late, they will probably have already gone home, but your bike will be safe as houses either way. The park is open for the afternoon and early evening, but the floodlights go off at about 8pm, though you can stay on for a while if you aren't scared of the dark. Some military patrol the place when the lights have gone off, but they allow runners to stay and continue their exercise. You may have to jump the fence to get out, but it's dead easy to do, and buys you a little more time to get your run in.

If you are looking for a bottle of water or a snack, you can buy them from the kiosks that are dotted around the park. They even sell beers and lots of people just sit on the side of the lake eating and drinking with friends instead of building up a sweat - the perks of not being overweight I suppose! The lake also has lots of nice restaurants around it, incuding Ozone, a bar/restaurant with live music. Lots of other places worth a try so have a peek as you jog round.

If you are coming from the Suesiri area, there is a small (secret) car park at the furthest west point of the lake. Ozone is also a good place to park, as there is a low fence you can hop if the gates are closed before you are finished at the park.

If you are looking for a running club, you are almost certain to find one here. Some running groups have their own club houses, a few blocks away from the Bung. Enthusiastic members of all ages (between 10 – 80 years) come together on Saturday mornings, as early as 7:00am. For them, relaxation and the social aspect are more important than the stopwatch or any competition.  However, some of the members regularly join running events all over the country and have been known to win trophies. Members of the Bung Talua Running Group are easily recognized as they all run in the same shirt, the colour changing according to the day of the week. On Monday, they wear yellow, Tuesday is pink, the Wednesday shirt is green, Thursday's is orange, Friday is blue and the Saturday shirt is purple. Sunday is primarily red.

Lots of events are celebrated at Bung Talua, including Loy Krathong and Song Kran.

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