Katsu Curry with Pork Cutlet @ Genki Ramen

Katsu curry is awesome. This particular version is the biggest meal you can order in any of the Japanese restaurants in Korat. It's massive, and not to be attempted unless you are prepared to put in some real effort and aren't afraid of the meat sweats afterwards. The dish originates from Japan, where the term “katsu” originates from the term tonkatsu - meaning (ton) pork and (katsu) cutlet. It's very western friendly as it is not too spicy and consists of essentially a breaded Japanese schnitzel and Japanese curry sauce with stewed pork served with Japanese style rice. Japanese curry sauce originated from India, so it has the subtle flavours of garam masala though it is a little thicker and a touch sweeter.

For 190 Baht, you will get a giant portion, full of meat and rice and veg. Lots of flavours and textures too. The meal came piping hot, and there are several condiments to try on the side, such as a special soy sauce, some chili oil and a chili/pepper powder. Be warned, don't go overboard with the chili oil as it has some real kick.

There are lots of Japanese restaurants here now due to the number of Japanese businesses that are opening in the ever expanding city centre of Korat. This gives us plenty of choice as to where to get our Far East fixes, but Genki Ramen is one of the better options. It's on the same road as Klang 2, and is open at lunch (11am-2pm) and again in the evening. It's clean, air con and has wifi so offers a great place for a business lunch or a lunch catching up on your email/Facebook/tinterweb. There is plenty of room for parking on the side of the road most of the time.

Price: 190 Baht

Tel: 044 259 449, 085 253 5525

Please click for Genki Ramen's Website

Address: 595-597 Chomsurangyart Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000 (between Klang Plaza 2 and the Green Leaf petrol station on the other side of the road)

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