Don't Get Your Hair Cut on a Wednesday!

Thailand is still a country where superstitions are taken very seriously. There are days that you can and can't do certain things and if you break the rules, you can really upset friends or family. It's good to know these things and be culturally aware even if you find it funny or ridiculous, because it doesn't take much to follow suit and keep the locals happy.

There are several examples of Thai superstitions, such as blessing new cars, houses and even planes, unlucky days to buy cars, finishing the last piece of food on a plate is lucky, don't pour your beer "backhanded" or you will have bad luck, if your right eye twitches it means something bad is going to happen to you, but if it's the left eye you will have good luck, you will see a ghost if you bend down and look between your legs, your finger will fall off if you point at a rainbow, if you sneeze it means someone is missing you or someone is talking about you, and so on a so forth. Some of these are charming and fun to go along with. Others are actually important and will upset family and/or friends if you don't play along.

It's good to be culturally aware of these and some may or may not become things to adhere to yourself. Some perhaps for fun, others for sensitivity. By no means are they all important to all Thais.

So, when should you not get your hair cut?

Well, many Thais believe that it is unlucky to get your hair cut on a Wednesday. Many (but not all) barbershops will be closed though there are also many younger Thais who might not even be aware of the old wives tales.

It is not clear where the rule came from, but it may have derived from an old Thai farming proverb, "Don't cut [rice] on Wednesdays and don't pull on Thursdays". Alternatively, some older Thais believe that The King of Thailand used to get his hair cut on Wednesdays thus, as a mark of respect, get their hair cut on any other day of the week.

So is there a preferred day to get one's hair cut?

Although some places close on Wednesdays, we live in a fairly modern, large city and many newer salons and funky barbershops (especially in the malls and city center) will be open 7 days a week or possibly even close on a Sunday instead. As with most traditions, it may now be dying out, but if you want to continue playing the game, here's what it means to get your hair cut on the different days of the week.

Monday – brings you long life
Tuesday – brings you power
Wednesday – brings you bad luck
Thursday – brings you protection by guardian angels
Friday – means you’ll never want for anything
Saturday – brings you admiration
Sunday – a short back and sides on a Sunday will bring you long life

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