Party Thai Style @ Tawan Daeng

For the most authentic Thai nightlife experience in Korat, I would have to say that Tawan Daeng is the number one choice. It's a bit out of town, very near to the Sima Thani Hotel, but no matter what night of the week you go there, it is busy and if you go after 11:00pm, you are likely to struggle to find a seat if you go in a group. The crowd consists mainly of mid 20-30's Thais who thrive off the loud Isan style rock music that plays all night from 8:30pm-3:00am.

The first band are called Play Num and play from 8:30-10:30pm. They are followed by Tantawan, who play from 10:45-00:45 and the night finishes off with the third band, Kojorn, who go from 1:00am-3:00am. There are exceptions, for example the curfew, election days or Buddha days, but Tawan Daeng offers a late night option when you need it.

There is a really good dancing vibe inside with tables spread out across the nightclub allowing everyone to mingle and party together. If you go alone, or in a small group, your best option is to tag onto another table and you will almost certainly be invited to sit and drink with locals who are already in full swing.

Beers are expensive (bottles in particular, but you can buy it by the tower), but whisky can be bought reasonable cheaply (or bought from a shop and taken in, meaning you only have to pay for mixers and ice). You can order food and make a whole evening of it if you manage to get a table, though I recommend staying back a bit as the front is usually too loud to be able to really enjoy yourself. If you get a table right at the back, you will notice the Japanese restaurant that does sushi and offers smokers a place to nip out for a quicky. It's good food and a nice place to take a minute if the music is too loud for you.

Without wishing to sound like an air stewardess, your toilets can be found left of the main stage, but if you are sitting farther back, make sure to take advantage of the other set. It could save you quite a bit of time herding yourself through a dancefloor of an evening.

Try and clear the bill as it comes so that if any of your group disappear throughout the night, you don't get stung for the whole thing! The staff can be difficult to summon due to how busy they are, but if you see people running around wearing orange t-shirts and sashes, call them over and get your order in. It can take some time for them to come back with your drinks. I would also, make sure you check what note you give them as they are rushed off their feet and it is dark in there (most of them have torches and will use them when taking your order and giving you back the bill.)

If it is your birthday, you can get a free bottle of whisky if you show them ID, though you will have to stand up and have the band sing Happy Birthday for you in front of everyone... you can't have a rainbow without a little rain ;)

The end of the night is usually signalled by the lights coming on and lots of echoing. People will light up inside and you will wander what to do next. Fear not, you have another late night option and can follow the crowds as they pour out the front door and head to the nearby Club Life (about a 30 second walk to your left) which closes at 5am.

Tawan Daeng can also be found in Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Ubon Ratchathani, Surin, Chon Buri, Bangkok and even Singapore (the latter two actually do amazing home made German beer and pork knuckle).

Tel: 089 177 3517 or 044 261 595/044 261 594


Website: (for Bangkok and Singapore only)

Address: 88/9 Suebsiri Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000

(Located in Pailin Square car park next to Cabbages & Condoms, Art of Korat and Club Life)

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