Rosaniyom Bar

Rosaniyom originally opened in early 2014 and has now reopened after being closed for a few months to do renovations. It offers a great night out, excellent service from friendly waitresses and a different style to many of the bars in town. The inside part of the bar now has air conditioning, so you can sit in comfort even during the hot season. There is also a pretty outside section that is well decorated with plants and water features. Inside, there are brightly coloured lanterns above a main stage and the place is pleasantly decked out with obscure Americana.

Previously the building was Bali Restaurant, but unfortunately they closed. The venue is now under new management, and offers a large open bar, with live music and a relaxed atmosphere. With a giant wall of old school t.v.’s, there is a self proclaimed 'Modern Retro' style, coupled with the mixed crowd who frequent the place, it's a bar come late-night restaurant for any occasion.

Going to the toilets is like walking back in time. The '70's patterns in brown, orange and yellow give it a disco vibe.

Beer can be bought by the pitcher or in bottles, though you are advised to keep a waitress nearby if you plan on drinking a few because the place is quite big and they can easily go missing when you need them most... when your beer is running dry. 

Miller have had promotions in the past, and Leo and other beers are also available. Check what promotions they have on the bottles. The food menu is quite extensive too, so it's a good place to go and eat out in a group.

Rosaniyom tends to get busy after 9:00pm and seats will fill up by 10:30pm. It closes between 1:00am-2:00am.

It doesn't have a sign in English, but you can't miss the lary 1980's T.V. show style sign out the front that reads in Thai 'รสนิยม' (Rosaniyom, which I believe has something to so with flavour/taste, which has equal connotations towards class in Thai).

Tel: 093 382 8182

Address: 28 Phon Saen Road, Nai Muang, Korat, 30000 (directly opposite Anuban School on the northern moat of the Old Town)

If you are thinking of heading to any other bars nearby, you could try Mum Bar, Suan Sanook or 3rd World Café.

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