Barbecued Duck @ Jo Jo Phet Yang

Jo Jo Phet Yang is a famous duck restaurant in Korat that just about every tuk tuk driver will know. It doesn’t look like much, but as many will know, when a Thai restaurant looks particularly average, it is most likely to serve the best food in the area. It is based on the moat road on the northern side of the Old Town near Third World Café.

Opening at 8am until 9pm, Jo Jo’s offers an All Day Duck service to those looking for a tasty alternative to the everyday chicken or pork.

The ducks are not as meaty as chicken, but offer a richer taste and are accompanied by a spicy tangy black duck chili sauce that will give you a wake-up call. It’s very dark meat and grilled nicely to give a deep bbq flavour.

As with Gai Yang, it goes down well with som tam and sticky rice.

NB. Ducks are smaller than chickens. Order more than you think you need!

Price: 150 Baht for a full duck

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