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I'm gonna start this off by admitting that I'm Welsh. 100% full blooded Welsh stock. So when I was told I was going to be reviewing Sheepland, I had mixed emotions. Firstly, excitement because I going to spend some time with the animal that gives the Welsh more ridicule than any other, and secondly, trepidation, because that ridicule is obviously just around the corner.

Anyway, Sheepland is a Sheep based attraction at Khao Yai, not far from the main entrance to the National Park. It's about 4 kilometres down on the left hand side as you leave the main highway between Korat and Bangkok heading towards Khao Yai.

It consists of everything sheepy - you can look at sheep, feed sheep, spend a quiet afternoon with a sheep (fond memories of my youth? Not!), eat sheep's milk ice cream, buy every gift imaginable based around sheep - if it can be done with a sheep than you can do it at Sheepland - local laws allowing.

But more seriously, it's a great place, especially for kids, who can interact and feed the animals that they only normally see on the TV and provide us with so much - the best meat in the world - Lamb (don't mention Mint Sauce on your visit), as well as wool - the ultimate natural keep warm fabric. Be warned... The sheep are pretty hyper when they see you coming with food (long grass), so be careful. They will jump up at you and climb over each other to get at you. Be careful with little ones.

Try the sheep's milk ice cream, it's delicious. Wander around and have your picture taken in numerous humorous sheep based scenarios. Shop for a t-shirt with every sheep based pun known to man on them.

Have a chat with the shepherd, he's Thai but could have been taken from any Welsh hillside, even down to the bailer twain holding his trousers up.

It couldn't be more sheepy if it tried, and as a true Welshman I have to recommend it for that reason alone.

I'll end with a video of the great Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert who was heckled by an audience member making a sheep noise...


Address: Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand 30130

Tel: 089 629 0172

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