Play Lazer Planet @ The Mall

Lazer planet The Mall Korat is great fun and really easy to organise. just show up on the 3rd floor with any number of people and "check in" at the counter. They will tell you what time the next game starts and you will most likely be playing within 20 minutes. They have a timetable showing the game start times, but to be honest they seem to just play when people arrive. There might only be a few in there, or you may be playing with a huge number of strangers. Either way, it's good fun. Players who you would think won't take it seriously are sneaky and nasty when you get inside!

190 Baht on weekdays, or 240 Baht on weekends or public holidays for a 15 minute game that feels like a good hour!

It's a bit expensive, but highly recommended for anyone who likes to go back in time to their childhood.

A run around blasting kids with a phaser gun, roly polying and hiding in the dark is a great alternative to 2-3 large bottles of Leo.

At the end, your team scores are added up and a winning team is announced, as well as the best player (guilty as charged ;)), most trigger happy and the most accurate player.

Warm down with a game of air hockey or a dance-off in the arcade.

The Mall also has a very nice outdoor Olympic pool (50m) with a few slides and a lazy river. A good way to spend a few hours on a hot day. For more info click here:

Lazer Planet Info

3rd Floor of The Mall in Wonder Planet (the arcade centre)

Open: 10:30am to 10:00pm

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