Lamb Kebab @ Save One Pizza

Stefan is a Swiss-Thai man who has a stall at Save One and loves to make good food. He puts a lot of work into researching his recipes and always ends up with something special. 

As you can tell from the name of his shop, he specialises in pizzas, but he also has an amazing menu including lasagna, stuffed muscles, steak burgers, calzones, chicken nuggets and kebabs. Most of it is naughty food, but it tastes home made and he uses good quality ingredients and really delicious sauces to give you something that you would not be able to find elsewhere in Thailand, let alone Korat.

The lamb is well marinated and cooked and you get a lot of meat. It's served in a large wrap with salad, a creamy sauce and habenero chili seasoning. He will always ask if you want it hot, but hot means HOT. Be careful as he doesn't mess about. I normally go for a medium heat, and it still gives me a good kick. 

There are many side dishes available from French fries to onion rings, though a kebab on it's own usually does the job for me. It takes him about 10 minutes to prepare it if you get there on a good day, so you can order and then have a little walk around the nearby stalls. If you are looking for a drink, just walk a few stalls down and you can order beers or soft drinks and plastic cups with ice.

Be warned, he runs out of lamb some days, but you can still order the beef or the chicken kebabs. All of them are great, but I have a soft spot for lamb because it is so rare to find a place that cooks it in Korat. You may want to call ahead and order it, just in case someone sneaks in front of you and gets the last one ;)

His pizzas are popular and he is often quite busy, so seating is tricky. I tend to take my order home with me.

Tel: 081 066 0938

Where is it? It is at the front left corner of the large Food Court next to a gold shop.

Save One Pizza shop is open everyday except on Mondays.

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