Learn Thai with your friends and save money @ WLS

It always fun to spend time with friends, at diner parties, your local bar or arranging to meet in a good restaurant. A good friend makes any occasion more enjoyable. So Korat's premier teaching facility, Windsor Language School, have decided to start classes based on friendship and the best thing about it, is that the more of your friends who take part, the more you will all save on the tuition fees.  

Speaking Thai isn't essential in Korat, it's possible to get by quite easily without speaking hardly any of the language. But since the city is a lot more 'Thai' than most cities where farang live, having even a basic knowledge of the language makes living here a lot more enjoyable and rewarding.

And what better way to learn the language and have fun doing it than learning it with your friends. The lessons can either be for an hour twice a week or for 2 hours once a week, whatever works best for you. And the course lasts 15 weeks in total giving you 30 hours of tuition which will be more than enough for most people to get a good grasp of the language. So in just over 3 months time you could be conversing in Thai and understanding a lot more of everything that is happening around you.

Group sizes are aimed at 10-15 people but arrangements can be made if sizes vary so please contact Windsor Language School with your requirements. If finding 9 friends who all want to learn Thai now seems a little daunting, find 4 and ask Windsor if it's possible to share a class with another group, that way you could end up with a brand new group of friends thrown in to the mix as well.

The cost is 1,200 baht per hour for the whole group, so depending on the size you could be paying lass than 100 baht an hour for quality tuition which is incredible value in my opinion for a skill that can make every interaction within the city more enjoyable. There is also an additional charge of 150 baht per person for a course book.

If your new to the city and haven't made a lot of friends yet it's still worth contacting the school to see if they can include you in another group. A great way to not only learn Thai but make new friends as well.

Windsor Language School are always available to discuss your requirements, so give them a call on 086-865-9836 or 091-017-5402 or call in at their main school on Dech Udom Road (just down from Oasis Bar). They have also opened a second facility on the third floor of Central Plaza, so if your there pay them a visit and discuss exactly how you and your friends would enjoy learning Thai.  

KRT School @ Windsor Language School info:

Open: 9am - 8pm Monday - Saturday (Closed Sundays)

Tel: 086-865-9836 or 091-017-5402

Line ID: krtschool

Address: Windsor Language School, Dech Udom Rd, Nai Mueang, Nakhon Ratchasima, 30000

Address 2: Windsor Language School, Central Plaza, Room 329, 330 3rd floor, 990-998 Mittaphap Nong Khai Rd., Nai Mueang, Mueang, Nakhon Ratchasima, 30000

GPS Coordinates: 14.959917N, 102.080655E

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