Datsun 620 Pick-up

I reckon most of you will look at today's Korat Klassic pic and think what the hell's that doing here? But please, take a closer look. It's a great example of the kind of older working vehicle we all see on the streets of Korat everyday.

This one is a Datsun 620 and they were built between 1972 and 1980, so the youngest of them are now 34 years old. But you will see this Datsun model on the roads of Korat every single day, not the same one of course! 

These trucks have survived in their 1000's in Thailand and were obviously built pretty tough considering so many are still with us. Now you've seen this picture I bet you the next time you're out and about you will see one of them. It's highly likely you'll see two, three, even four of them.

It's the kind of vehicle no one pays any attention too which is why you might not know of them. But these Datsuns are absolutely everywhere. Most, admittedly are in pretty rough shape these days and still out at work. But a number are now being picked up (sorry - no pun intended) and restored into cool classic retro trucks. 

Look at one and you'll notice that they are actually quite good looking with classic potential. The ones left in the west, particularly those in the U.S., do already have a following of admirers who are restoring and preserving them.

I've chosen this 620 to show you rather than a pristine one to highlight it as a typical, tatty, Thai work truck. This one works recycling stuff near Wing 1 Air Base. Look at it, no straight panels, grill long gone, dodgy paint and rust all around it's bottom edges. It has a very precarious load of oil drums stacked way higher than even a soldier like this was designed to carry!

Trucks like the 620 are worked real hard out here. Overloading's the norm, rough roads and high usage gives them no mercy. So for a truck that has survived in such numbers for up to 40 years, it's a real testament to their capabilities.

Hats off to these Datsuns I say!


Manufacturer: Nissan                    Production: 1972–1980


Predecessor: Datsun 6147             Successor: Nissan Navara

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