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Korat as a province has a lot to offer tourists and locals. The likes of Khao Yai National Park, a fantastic zoo, some of the best food in Isan, a hatful of modern shopping malls, Wat Ban Rai's stunning Elephant Temple, Phanom Wan Khmer ruins, the hills and cool weather of Wang Nam Kiow (AKA the Switzerland of Thailand), the list goes on.

Here are the Big 5 according to the motto of Korat:

1) Yamo (Thao Suranaree Monument): Represents the brave women of the region who fought off Laos invaders

2) Korat Silk: Fine silk material from Pak Thong Chai village

3) Pad Mi Korat: Korat rice noodles that are special to the area, and superior to the more orthadox Pad Thai by far ;)

4) Prasat Phimai: Spectacular Khmer ruins from the 11th to the late 12th century, just 40 minutes drive north east of Korat city centre

5) Dan Kwian: Pottery village out past Korat immigration office with a huge selection of ceramics made with clay from the local area

Nakhon Ratchasima's motto is: "The Land of brave women, fine silk material, Korat rice noodles, Phimai Historical Park, and Dan Kwian ceramics".

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