Volkswagon Beetle @ Rajaphat University

One of the most recognised vehicles ever made, here's a fine example of an early Morris Minor... oops, sorry I mean a Volkswagon Beetle!

A genuine classic design that dates back to before World war II. It was created due to Hitler's vision to make a true 'people's car'. Well his vision came true after his demise and the end of the war.

Production actually started in 1938 but the war quickly halted this, though it was to begin again in earnest in 1948, becoming one of the longest running and most built cars in automobile history. It was to be made in more than 20 countries worldwide until the last cars rolled off the Mexican production line just 12 years ago in 2003.

Whenever you travel today you will undoubtedly  still see a Beetle on the roads. It's fan base is second to none and of the thousands left so many of them are enjoyed by enthusiasts the world over.

One is this lovely early 1960's model, which is the pride and joy of Ajarn Dew, a teacher from Rajaphat University here in Korat.

It's used daily and is kept in lovely condition after it was restored nine years ago at a VW specialist in Khon Kaen. Dew's piled on the accessories too with both roof and luggage racks, a period suitcase to match, as well as American style bumper bars and VW mudflaps.

This 'bug' is in as good a condition inside as out, and the sky blue paint job suits the car and really does it credit. A well loved and cared for example you may well see around town on any given day.

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