Chicken Cordon Bleu @ Blue Steak

Blue Steak is a Thai/Western restaurant and is one the most popular and well known restaurants in the Joho area. Most taxis and tuk tuks will know it and if not, you can just tell them to take you to Joho Homegarden Sak-Hulk. If further directions are needed, you can call them on 087-152-1211. They are open from 11:00am - 10:00pm and only close for two days a month. The closing days always change so it is best to ask them in advance if you are making a special trip. The owner speaks a little English if your Thai is not that good.

The owner/head chef has won several awards at his culinary school in BKK for Western Cuisine. The menu is very extensive, having club sandwiches, pizzas, chicken/pork dishes, and obviously steaks. He offers virtually every Thai dish that you could want too. I could even argue that his Thai food is just as good (if not better than) his Western food. It always has the freshest ingredients and a superb taste.

With the size of the menu, it is impossible not to find something that you like. My personal favourite is the classic Chicken Cordon Bleu. The handmade chicken with ham and cheese is always cooked to perfection. It is a huge piece of chicken and loaded with flavours that pack a huge punch and excite the mouth. They are not stingy with the cheese as you will see it oozing out all over your plate. To top it off there is a white sauce poured over it that is to die for! It truly is amazing and a must have especially if you are a first time visitor. It is 180 Baht and comes with (as all entrées do) a side salad, french fries, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread, more than affordable, it is cheap! As I said, the menu is huge so it is best to check it out for yourself.

The restaurant has a family atmosphere with aircon inside and a nice porch outside decorated with plants and flowers to create a very relaxing vibe. Even if you just want a couple of beers and to relax, it is a good place to go. They also do big parties so it has the best of both worlds. It all depends on what you want.

I can say that most things on the menu are good. It is rather inexpensive so you do get what you pay for. I will leave it up to you to decide, though I would personally recommend it to everyone, and after 5 years I still go on a weekly basis. The biggest complaint that I have is the service. It is difficult for them to keep staff because of the hard work required for such a constantly busy restaurant, because to that, the service can be very slow and forgetful at times. Go in with a "sabai sabai" attitude and all will be fine. It could be that servers first night, so try and give her the benefit of the doubt. As for the slow food coming out, you can always call ahead and order your food in advance on the phone. Then when you arrive your food will be ready and the feast can begin.

It is 100% worth a visit and I am confident you will go back for more. It has good food at a good price, who can argue with that? Take your loved ones or friends with you and have a nice affordable night out, enjoy!

Open: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Tel: 087-152-1211

Address: Rattanabhithan Soi 3/1, Joho, Korat, 30310

Directions: On the main street in Joho near Joho Homegardenville Sak-hulk. It is opposite R Lom Dee.

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