Get a Coffee & Car Wash @ Care'Fe

Car'fe is between the main train station and The 100 Year Market on Mookamontri Road.

It's the perfect place to get your bike or car washed whilst you eat lunch.

My bill for an iced cappuccino, a pad krapow gai khai dao (chicken and basil with a fried egg) and my bike wash was only 165 Baht. Steal!


Bike wash = 60 Baht
Car wash = 99 Baht (starts from)

The krapow came on a school dinner tray, for the added hipster feel that you would be lost without in any Korat coffeeshop. The egg was runny but well cooked, so just about perfect for me. Overall, highly recommended and I will be back for a bike wash and a lunch soon.

Coffee was very sweet, but that was my mistake for not telling them. The shockingly sweet trinity of sugar and syrup and sweetened condensed milk I assume.

Overall, it took about 30 minutes, with a slight queue. Comfy enough inside, and the bike was the cleanest I've ever seen it. They didn't leave a spot of grease or dust on it.

It is not the same as the other Car'Fe up by Pegasus Hotel I am told. That one is called At Car'Fe. The logos are the same and they are both coffee/lunch/car washes. Seems to be a recurring thing here now. Pretty funny.

Car'Fe Information

Cafe open: 7am - midnight
Car wash open: 8am - 8pm


Opposite Kids Academy on Mookamontri Road, between the main train station and The 100 Year Market.

GPS: 14.9728, 102.07604

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Bart Conrad

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