Tennis @ Geela Thetsaban School

If Tennis is your game there are a lot of places to play it around the city. But my favourite is at Geela Thetsaban School.

There are three asphalt courts in the main compound and a single court which has it's own netting next to them. The courts are very well maintained and used daily all year round. There isn't a pile of leaves to be seen anywhere or a dreaded saggy net.

There is an ex-Thai professional tennis player on hand at all times who will help you feel at home and show you were to play. He will even set up games for you if the courts are busy which they often are. He spends most of his time coaching younger children and their ability is staggering, I was good in my prime but wouldn't have been a match for some of these even though there not much taller than the net. You somehow feel that your sharing a court with the next Paradon.

Balls are provided so there is no point using your own because they will just get mixed up unless you happen to be on the solo court. They are a good quality branded practice ball not a competition ball but to be honest it's going to make next to no difference to a weekend players game.

Since the courts are part of the school grounds you can only play in the morning, from around 7:00am to 8:30am, and in the evening from around 4:30pm until around 8:30pm underneath the courts spotlights. But to be honest the thought of playing tennis in the midday sun isn't in the least bit appealing, so the times you can play work well.

There are no refreshments available so buy your water, energy drinks and fruit on the way there.

With well maintained courts, free use of balls, spotlit evening games and a pro on hand to sort out your backhand if he isn't busy, you must be expecting to pay a premium. Not at all, it's free for all casual players. If however you do play numerous times a week they will understandably ask you to join the Tennis club, the costs being dependent on how often you intend to play, but they are still extremely cheap for the quality facilities provided.

There are no showers that I am aware of but there is a gym in the school so maybe if you joined that you could use the showers. I'll find out more on my next visit.

Geela Thetsaban School is situated near the Municipal Sport Stadium, around a few corners from Maharat Hospital.

Price: Free

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