Thai food @ Happyland

Happyland is a good place to go with a big group. It has a good atmosphere and lovely waitresses if that's your thing. It opened in 2009 and has been a popular place for food and drinks since, especially at the weekend. The crowd is mixed. Couples, groups, and ages from early 20's to mid 40's are the most common, though it is a good venue for anyone who likes to eat in a nice Thai environment. Best to go early evening, and you can sit inside or outside. Outside offers a less intense musical experience, but both are nice depending on the size and expectations of your group. The balcony inside gives an elevated view of the live music being played in the air con restaurant, but the service is slightly slower because the staff have to shimmy up and down the narrow spiral staircase for each order.

As a group of 11 people, we ordered a few large fried rices, yam tua plu (a spicy salad with Thai winged beans, shrimp and a sweet and sour, zingy and zesty sauce), the obligatory larb moo tod (just order it and get in there before it all goes), chicken & cashew nuts (simple and a real winner, especially when there are people who don't favour spicy food), tom kha gai (chicken and galangal soup with coconut milk, but mind all the bits that you can't eat that will get stuck in your teeth or caught in your neck like the lemon grass and galangal), deep fried mushrooms with chili sauce (this dish blew me away, and I don't often go for non meat dishes, but our vegetarian diner ordered exceptionally well), moo manao (lime pork often referred to as lemon pork - very spicy!), tod man pla (a new take on the popular dish - deep fried breaded fish cakes) and some hot plate grilled beef (accompanied by a chili dip but was a bit chewy and looks better than it tasted, but meat is meat and needs to be ordered). The overall bill including beers for the group totalled 4,000 Baht with a tip, so about 400 Baht a head. Not cheap, but not bad for a night out.

If you need the loo, the men's toilet has an interesting take on urinal heights. It is suggested that those who feel they are endowed beyond 12" use the kiddies urinal on the far left, and those who are less blessed in the Linford Christie package department use the higher 3" or less porcelain. A bit of light entertainment as you square up in the toilet next to a stranger who may be left or right of you, indicating his advantage or shortcomings over you.

If you are looking for Happyland and can't find it, you should keep your eyes peeled for the towering Bo Pat 2 hospital next door. Happyland is between Bo Pat 2 and Dok Mai Cafe. There is parking available and large screens (as always) for football/whatever else is on.

Meal Price: 200-500 Baht per head with drinks

Tel: 081-065-0088, 044-265-899

Address: 280 Mahad Thai Road, Nai Muang, Korat


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