Borapet @ Baan Korat

Borapet (Bitter in Thai) are regulars at Baan Korat and they always go down well with the enthusiastic audience. They play every night apart from on Public Holidays when the venue is closed, starting at 10:45pm and finishing at 12:15am. 

They perform excellent renditions of a number of Traditional Thai, Country Thai and Thai Folk songs. The songs are the usual mix, Carabao, Maleehaona, Pongsit Kompee, etc.

There is no dance floor in the club with the tables right up next to the stage but that doesn't stop the audience from dancing, they just stand up at their tables and boogie away. Grabbing their drinks for a quick sip or even eating their meals while in dance mid flow. It has to be said that in terms of atmosphere Baan Korat is one of the best clubs in the city, it's always well attended and those who go there go to enjoy - they dance, they drink, they sing along, they drink, they eat, they raise their glasses to any Farangs who are present and generally have a fun time from when they get there until they leave.

One word of warning, watch your head if your of the taller persuasion, parts if the club are very Bag End and only Hobbits will manage to walk through them safely without a visit to casualty. Thankfully most Thai's don't have this problem, but for Scandinavians and Dutch customers it could end up bloody.

Baan Korat is a great night out - no frills, no pretence, just great music, very well played by fine musicians, in front of one the most enthusiastic audiences you'll find in any club anywhere.

Baan Korat is one of the oldest live music venues in Korat and is situated on Gudan Road very near to Stories and La Daneng Vietnamese Restaurant, It's open every day from 7:00pm until 2:30am with three bands per night.

If you last till the end, there isn't a lot if choice of where to move on in the locality, best bet is to head towards the Punjadara hotel, where if your lucky Ton Igern will still be open, if not another late night drinking and eating venue called Tit Lom on the other side of the road is normally open.

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