Birds Fly Free @ Bung Talua

There is a group of people who have trained birds that meet up on most days to free fly them and for a general get together. They meet at Bung Talua (His Majesty the King's Chalerm Plakeart Water Park), the park on the south side of town near the army base. They have previously flown their birds outside Suranaree Army Camp's back entrance near the Tesco Express / 7-Eleven.

If you are interested in going along, or even joining in, they have birds for sale and there is a mixed group of foreigners and Thai university students who will be able to show you what to do. Head down to the lake at 4:00pm. They meet on most days but if it's raining or a few of them are busy the event may not take place. The meeting point is where the pavilions are opposite the children's playground.

A lot of locals come down to play with the birds too and the children love them so take the family and see what goes on. Bung Talua is a great place to spend an afternoon.

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How to get to Bung Talua: From the main 5 way junction in town, follow Phiboonlaeaid Road south over the train tracks for a few kilometres. Bung Talua will be on your right hand side at the first big cross roads.

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