Isan food @ So Jeng Restaurant

So Jeng is a nice little restaurant not far from Prasat Phanom Wan archaeological site. It’s located about 20-25km outside Korat City. If you drive up Highway No. 2 and turn off right after 15km you will see a sign that directs you about a further six kilometers to the site. 

If you aren't familiar with Prasat Phanom Wan, it was built during the 10th-11th centuary A.D. to worship Lord Shiva. It is one of the Khmer ruins that we are lucky to have so near by and is a good day out on its own.

So Jeng is a perfect spot if you want to get out of town and enjoy the countryside with lovely scenic views. Here you can order tasty traditional Thai food in the lovely natural environment. You can choose to sit in the small bamboo huts or just get a table and sit under the massive trees, looking out over a Lotus fields.

It gets really busy at the weekends, so prepare yourself to wait a little while for the food if you head down on Saturday or Sunday, but the wait gives a good reason to enjoy an ice cold beer and soak up some of the atmosphere.

They specialise in Isan food and they do a good job. Dishes to try: Larb Bpet (duck meat salad), Tom Yum, Moo Daet Diaow (sun dried pork), Pad Mee Korat (Korat style noodles), grilled fish, stir fried chicken with bamboo shoots, Gai Baan (free range/farm chicken)

It opens about 9am and closes at around 6pm, so it’s a day time place.

Tel: 081 718 5924


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