Learn a Thai song @ your PC

Thai is a difficult language to learn and the best way to learn it quickly especially if you need it for work or business is to attend any of the excellent Thai language schools in Korat. My personal favourite being KRT (please click for further information on KRT).

But if you just want to get better at the language at your own pace and have some fun while your doing it then one of the easiest methods is to learn a Thai song.

Before I take all the credit, I was told this by a friend many years ago, so thank you Steve.

All you need to do is find any Thai song you really like, it doesn't need to be a nursery rhyme or a Thai children's song, it can be any song by any artist or band - just make sure you like it a lot because your going to hear it a lot. Now that you've got your song it's time to find the karaoke version on YouTube.com. You'll need the version where you can hear the Thai lyrics and the rest of the song through your speakers and see the Thai lyrics spelled in English on screen.

Then you just sing along with the first verse until you can do it without using the words on screen, this may take many sessions. If your brand new to the language try just learning the first line of the song. Concentrate on pronouncing every word absolutely correctly being especially aware of the tones of each word rising, falling or remaining level. Don't worry if your not 100% in tune - your having fun learning a language not rehearsing for the next season of X-Factor.

Once your happy that you can sing or say the first verse (or line) find a Thai speaker to translate it for you word by word or phrase by phrase and write the lyrics down in English in the exact order they are sung in Thai. Don't put them into the sensible English order, leave them as they are so that you can see what word relates to what word and so that you start to understand how Thai sentences are constructed. 

Then sing along with YouTube again but this time think the translation through as your singing it to get the meaning of the song and to match the words up.

The great benefit of this method is that you'll be learning Thai as it is actually used by normal Thai's on a daily basis not textbook Thai which sometimes doesn't translate to everyday situations.

As you learn more verses of the song you'll find common phrases repeating so as you learn more it just get's easier and easier.

Try it, you might be surprised at how quickly you see positive improvements in your Thai language skills.

Last, but by no means least the biggest, biggest - so big you can't believe anything could be this big - benefit of learning this way is that you can completely shock everyone who sees you singing 'your' song at any Karaoke Bar - Thai's will be in awe, Thai girls will fall at your feet, the event will go down in local folklore and parents will recount tales to their offspring of the night they heard a Farang sing a perfect version of so and so song at so and so bar - you'll be a living legend, then it will be time for you to also thank my mate Steve.


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