Lamb Doner Kebab @ The Ram

In my experience there are two types of Kebabs in the world, the good ones, which are freshly prepared in excellent Turkish Restaurants, and the bad ones which are picked up on the way home after a heavy night out, covered in garlic sauce and found on a coffee table half eaten the morning after.

Thankfully The Ram's take on Doner Kebabs is nothing like the latter. It comes in a warmed Pitta bread and is filled with a good portion of Lamb Doner meat, topped off with a salad of Tomatoes, Onions and Iceberg Lettuce. I asked for extra garlic with mine and the staff happily obliged. Condiments available to top it all off include quality English mustard, Chilli Sauce, HP Brown Sauce and Tomato Sauce. It's such a shame they don't have the garlic sauce, I really miss that.

Overall, an excellent snack/light meal and since The Ram is only place that offers a decent Lamb Doner Kebab in Korat, it's worth popping along for that reason alone. TS

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