Chef's Kitchen Tandoori Paste Review

This is my experience of using the Chef’s Kitchen Tandoori Paste which is part of the new range of Indian Curries available at Korat Chef. I didn’t want to just write a basic recipe because often recipes leave out important or helpful information, usually because they assume we should know certain things already. I’ve followed lots of recipes from books and online and they turned out, well let’s say, not so great. 

So I’ve gone into a bit more detail with reasons why I did certain things. If you want the basic guide just read the highlighted parts in bold and skip the rest.
This is a list of the things I used; you can probably substitute some of the equipment if you don’t have it. You can put the chicken into food grade bags if you don’t have sealable Tupperware.

Time needed. Preparation time 10 minutes, marinating time 2 hours minimum, overnight is best. Cooking time is around 20 minutes.

Ingredients and Equipment Needed:

1. Chef’s Kitchen Tandoori Paste by Korat Chef
2. Plain Yoghurt
3. Chicken Thighs
4. Large bowl
5. Small bowl
6. Sealable container
7. Chopping board
8. Sharp knife
9. Spoon

Tandoori paste is one of the first products in the new Chef’s Kitchen range, it sells for 99 Baht. You can make about 10 – 12 chicken thighs depending on how much yoghurt you use with it. Chicken thighs are very cheap, mine were about 70 Baht per kg from Yamo market, and I got 12 thighs for around 190 baht.
You can use any meat you like, but chicken works really well, and if you prefer breast, just reduce cooking time a little because nobody likes chewy breasts. I prefer thighs; the bone keeps the meat moist and has more flavour, who doesn’t like juicy meat?
I used plain yoghurt that I bought from my local 7/11 but we should have stocks available in our store to purchase with the Tandoori paste. The yoghurt adds a nice extra depth and flavour to your dish so don’t skip it.
I used quite small chicken thighs, around 190g-210g each. The reason, they cook more evenly and if you have friends over they’re better for sharing.
If you want a strong flavour use less yoghurt, I used 2 pots of 135g first time I made it and just one the second time. If you use two pots of yoghurt you’ll get 12-14 thighs, and a nice flavour. If you use one pot of yoghurt, expect around 10-11 thighs, but with a more intense Tandoori flavour, which is the way I prefer.
So let’s get started.

First, remove the skin and cut all thighs down to the bone, about 4 -5 cuts and do both sides of your meat. This helps the marinade get into the meat for more flavour and helps the chicken cook more evenly.
Next I prepare my marinade mix.

Empty the jar of Tandoori paste into the small bowl. Add yoghurt and mix together well with your spoon. Don’t try to mix the paste and yoghurt together whilst rubbing it into the chicken you’ll get uneven flavours, do it first!

Now it’s time to get dirty.

Put your chicken into the large bowl. Pour marinade over the chicken. Use your hands to really rub the mix in, get right into all the cuts you made as well. Your hands will get stained yellow from the Turmeric but who cares, that stuff fights cancer so go crazy and rub it all over, just kidding about rubbing it all over but seriously there is lots of info about the health benefits of turmeric. Wear gloves if you don’t want stained fingers. The stains will come out after a day or two so don’t worry about not having gloves. 

Don’t wear your favourite shirt though, stains won’t come out of it anywhere near as easily as your hands. If you’re on a hot date, take it off and show off those muscles, there’s nothing as sexy as a man cooking, I’m told (apologies ladies if you’re reading this, you can also look sexy cooking).

That’s it, yes really, it’s that easy.

Put your chicken into the Tupperware or food bags; pour any remaining mix in too. Seal, and place in the fridge.

Now go have a beer, you deserve it! I’ve put my mix in the fridge and I’m waiting until tomorrow to cook mine, see, I plan ahead. I’m gonna crack open a beer, and watch some football in a bit whilst the Tandoori Paste does its magic.

The next day?

So, you either decided you couldn’t wait any more than two hours, or you were a good boy scout and left it over night. Either way the cooking process is the same. Do I BBQ or Oven? I just moved house and only have a small electric oven here so that decision was easy for me, oven it is. The first time I made it though was at a friend’s house, on his BBQ and it was better, you get an added smoky flavour, Bonus! The oven is still very good though, but I wouldn’t recommend frying.

Heat your oven to its highest temperature to start with and cook for 10 minutes to seal the juices then reduce down to 250, but as most conventional ovens only go that high, if yours is like that leave on highest temperature.

If cooking on a BBQ, place on the grill and turn once after about 20 minutes and cook for another 15. 

Before I cook meat I try to let it get up to room temperature to help it cook more evenly, especially with steaks or anything I’m going to BBQ. Place your thighs onto tin foil in your oven, as that mix will drip everywhere, on the BBQ just put onto the grill no problems. Chicken thighs can be a little tricky to cook; often the meat is under cooked and pink especially near the bone but looks cooked on the outside. 

That’s why we use smaller pieces and cut them suckers good. Thighs are hardy and don’t dry out like breasts, so let them cook a little longer than you’d think. Also, residual cooking, when you take them off the grill or out of the oven, let them sit for a few minutes (you should do this with all your meat), they’ll continue to cook slowly and the juices will flow back into the meat.

I had mine with some friends; we had them with a jar of mango chutney, another new product in the Chef’s Kitchen range and some yoghurt to go with the Naan and Samsosa also from Korat Chef. I put lettuce leaves on a large serving plate, then put the chicken on that, after I sprinkled some fresh chilies, halved tomatoes and chopped fresh coriander to serve. 

A veritable Indian feast! Lastly, just add beer and music for a lovely evening and a perfect meal.

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