Walk, Shop & Eat @ The 100 Year Market

Situated on Mookamontri Rd. near the train station, the 100 Year Market has a wide range of food stalls serving good quality Isan food at street vendor prices. It has a clean and picturesque environment including an open air bar at the back run by a European man and his Thai wife, a steakhouse, fruit shake stalls, sweet stalls & cafes. There are several eclectic historical artifacts dotted round the market including a number of bohemian style clothes shops, antique displays and antique sales.

The quaint saloon style buildings with there mezzanines and Americana decor are not what you expect when you arrive at the front of this narrow market, fronted by a few Thai street vendors and the low so seating provided, but you are bound to find something of interest when you venture in. Some of the wooden buildings are up to one hundred years old and were rented by US soldiers back in the 1960's and 1970's. The market, despite it's name, opened in 2011 and is in great nick. I was really taken by some of the Brit Pop and Punk style t-shirts on display in one of the coolest clothes shops I have seen in Thailand.

There is also a small play area for kids at the back of the market next to the Thai BBQ buffet. The environment is calm and relaxed and it's a great place to pass an hour or two. You will find parking around the back. RD

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