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A lot of you probably know Kannika but you more than likely know her by her nickname of Peaun. She is the singer in the band Black Foxy who until recently played every Friday evening in Oasis, before that she was the singer in the Oasis house band Jam Bamboo. You can now watch her performing on Friday or Saturday evenings, again in Oasis as part of an excellent acoustic duo, as well as in numerous other bars across Korat.

But did you know that she had a completely other side singing original songs under her given name of Kannika? If not check out the video below. 

This is Kannika's second single, following on from the success of her first, 'Why Me' which achieved extensive worldwide success. It was all recorded, mixed and mastered in Korat. The instrumentation was played by local musicians, all of which play on the local music circuit.

The video was shot across Asia, including Korat and Bangkok, as well as Indonesia and The Philippines.

The song has been played extensively on radio shows worldwide, and entered the UK Indie Alliance chart at No.1 and remained there for two weeks. It has also done particularly well in South Africa, reaching No.3 in the charts and Australia. 

But possibly the most surprising fact is how popular Kannika is in the United States. She is played on a daily basis on Tampa FM, Florida's largest indie music station with an average listenership of 500,000 at any one time, and they made her artist of the month for December 2017. She is also played extensively on Kiss FM, in Los Angeles who will also be making her Artist of the Month sometime in 2018. Numerous other stations across the US and Canada also play her songs regularly and she has been made artist of the week on a number of them. Not at all bad for a Korat local singing in her second language to be honest.

She is also set to be featured in the worlds biggest indie online and hardcopy magazine in early 2018, which averages 5.7 million hardcopy sales per month. Again this is based in America which seems to be her hottest market.

She is currently putting a full touring band together and preparing for her first European tour and has already been booked to play at numerous major European festivals.

We at What's On Korat wish her the best of luck for the future and are confident that she will just go from strength to strength in her international career.

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Twitter: @kannika_music

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