The Juicy Lucy @ Daya's Cafe

The Juicy Lucy at Daya's cafè on Yommarat Road (same as Tap Bar, Mum Bar and Honda Big Wing in Korat's Old Town), near the junction with Prajak Road.

Comments of note:

The burger was a good size. It stood tall on a cliched chopping board with a small side of chips that came in a plant pot (stuffed from the bottom to give it the same sense of false advertising as a padded bra). The beef was full of flavour, with a strong rosemary taste and lots of cheese, sauteed onions, lettuce, tomato and mustard. I'm not sure if the beef patty was stuffed with cheese as a Juicy Lucy should be, because it was oozing cheese and sauce, but either way, this burger was messy, filling, full of flavour and totally satisfyingly delicious. The bun is homemade and covered with lots of sesame seeds, but it did slightly give way to some of the sauce and ended up being quite sloppy. Cue lunchtime food coma. This was a burger to rival the top burgers in Korat. Served with a sprinkle of chips for 159 Baht.

Daya Cafe is named after the Korat couple (Day & A) who opened it in September 2017. They are foodies who decided that Korat didn't offer a good, reliable, fastfood option, and they have done a really good job of changing that. The location is very central, and the cafe is nicely decorated with the regular cafe decor and a bit of Beatles memorabilia for that ultimate hipster feel.

Easily walks into Korat's top 10 burgers; along with 3rd World Cafe, Plantation Cafe, C'est Si Bon, Class Cafe, Burger King and Burger Queen.

Daya's also offers other burgers, appetisers, salads, pasta, steaks, sandwiches, sodas, tea and coffee.

Daya's Cafe info:

Open: 8:00am - 8:00pm (closed on Thursdays)

Tel: 084 410 1442

Please click for Daya's Cafe Facebook page.

Address: 256/17 Yommarat Road, Nai Meuang, Korat, 30000

Directions: Other side of the road to Honda Big Wing, a bit closer to Yamo Monument on Yommarat Road (known for Tap Bar and Mum Bar).

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