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Wednesday November 22

Afternoon Buffet @ Kantary Hotel Korat

We all love a buffet, it has everything, no need to peruse the menu for ages trying to work out exactly what you want at that particular time hoping that it's to your taste. It's simply a case of get up, grab a plate and off you go. You can mix and match, you can go through different countries cuisines in any order, you...

Upcoming Highlight

Wednesday Quiz Night @ The Ram

The Ram Bar's weekly Wednesday night pub quiz has been going for many years and is always well attended with at least 4 or 5 teams competing. The quiz is set by rotating local volunteers so the quality can...

What's on today

30 Thai Restaurants you must hit up in Korat
Heng @ Pluk Bhi Rom
Afternoon Buffet @ Kantary Hotel Korat
Suicide Squad
Chicken with Cashew Nuts @ Ozone

At the movies

Go to the Cinema @ EGV The Mall

The EGV cinema at the Mall is a great way to spend a hot afternoon or an evening. The screens are good, the air con is cold (too cold, but you can go prepared with a hoody or blanket), the sound is good and the snacks are tasty (my girlfriend likes to mix sweet and cheese flavoured popcorn together...

Wednesday November 22

30 Thai Restaurants you must hit up in Korat

Here is our list of 30 Thai restaurants you must hit up in Korat. It isn't a definitive list and it isn't in any particular order, it's just a list of very good Thai Restaurants we think you'd enjoy eating at. We also apologise for our rather poor translations of the Thai names. Enjoy!


Kids Go Free @ The King's Stadium

Nakhorn Ratchasima Mazda FC's home games at the King's 80th Anniversary Stadium are getting more and more people every game. The average crowd is now well over...



Buy some Fresh Pork @ DK Inter Food

DK Inter Food ​has been open since 2009 and ​is a local pork shop that sells just about every cut you can get at market prices. It is good quality meat, produced and butchered in Dan Kwien, and is sold from a clean air con shop in fridges or freezers - depending on the cut you are looking for.​ It is located right by...

Wednesday November 22


V-Condo is a new set of well appointed, quality, luxury condos that have been built to provide luxurious condominium living for a modern lifestyle. They are situated on the bypass road not far from the Home Pro super-store on the west of the city. It’s near to town, yet also just off the main road to Bangkok so it has excellent access. Constructed from a...

More Top Properties

Modern Two storey house at SUT
Two storey luxury house in The Signature
Detached House in Neo Park
Lovely house in Rungnirun 6, Joho
House in Ban-Bor-Tong, Joho

Fancy a Drink?

Bruntys Pear Cider @ Check Inn

Four or five years ago it was impossible to get hold of Cider in Korat, the available choice was beer, beer, more beer or whiskey and spirits. But thankfully things have changed...


Horse Racing @ Korat Horse Racing Stadium

Nakhon Ratchasima has a fantastic all weather flat track right next to Bung Talua Lake near the Army Base on the south side of the city. Although gambling in Thailand is illegal, racing is one of the few events that allows betting to take place (like Muay Thai), and it offers a very different to horse racing back home for...

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