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Monday February 18

Big Night Out @ Check In Korat

If you have been in Korat for a while, you will remember some of the finest nightclubs to have graced the city. Namely, Speed 2, Tawan Daeng, Bar Nana, Living Bar, Update, Koracha Rhwng Beer (formally Ratchasima-Krung Tep/RCA), HIP Bar and The Fun Factory (AKA Diva and several other names during...

Upcoming Highlight

Afternoon Buffet @ Kantary Hotel Korat

We all love a buffet, it has everything, no need to peruse the menu for ages trying to work out exactly what you want at that particular time hoping that it's to your taste. It's simply...

What's on today

Chicken Tenders @ The 7 Lady
Borapet @ Baan Korat
Great Food & Coffee @ Rustic Barista
Real Beef Burgers @ May's Steak Burgers NBK

Monday February 18

Bread @ Various places

St. Etoile next to Home Fresh in the Mall has the best bread in town I think, but if you are looking for home baked bread, with a special finish, there is a German guy called Klaus also makes a variety of different loaves that have all sorts of textures and added ingredients like nuts, sesame seeds and so on. He takes it to The Beer Garden...

At the movies

Green Book

Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali are masterful in this rousing period piece, alternating belly laughs with an unflinching view of a nation at war with itself. Call this actors’ duet sentimental and simplistic at your own peril. Green Book may well move you, possibly to tears, at the thought of real social change and kindness (at a time when we need it...


10% off @ Chez Andy

Chez Andy, Korat's premier steak house, Swiss restaurant, beer garden and pizzeria offers a VIP Card which allows the holder a 10% discount on their bill. The restaurant is the only international...



Watch Siamese Crocodiles @ the Reservoirs near Phimai

Siamese Crocodiles are one of the smallest crocodile species in the world. There are of course smaller species of alligators and cayman and there is of course Africa's Dwarf Crocodile, but when it comes to true crocs, the Siamese is the very baby cousin of a 20 plus foot Saltwater Crocodile. The...

Monday February 18

Townhouse in Jeera High Speed Town

Jeera High Speed Town is a new selection of modern townhouses in the heart of Korat. Any of the brand new units could be turned into a business venue located right in the heart of Nakhon Ratchasima province and next to the central Jeera train station, the main transit connection from Bangkok to the Northeastern part...

More Top Properties

Charming character property in Land & Houses
Lovely house in Rungnirun 6, Joho
Two storey luxury house in The Signature
Modern Two storey house at SUT
Townhouse in Jeera High Speed Town

Fancy a Drink?

Mocca Toffee Caramel @ Hoo Ya Café

Hoo Ya Café is making a real name for itself. Having been there a few times, I have realised it is the premium coffee shop in central Korat. Certainly in the old town. It has...


Badminton @ The Peak Club

If you’re looking for a game of badminton in Korat, you can head to Bung Talua and find The Peak Club. Open every day until late. There are 6 courts available in a large indoor sports room. Shower facilities and decent changing rooms too. It costs 150 Baht per hour to rent the court and you can rent racquets for for...

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