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Monday March 19

The Seamlines @ The Monkey Bar

The Seamlines return to the Monkey Bar this Saturday with their mix of quality covers from across the decades and genres, with a few original songs thrown in for good measure. You can expect anything - from Stevie Wonder to the Pixies, to David Bowie to the Kings of Leon. They will be performing on Friday the...

Upcoming Highlight

Jam Night @ Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar holds Jam Nights every other Tuesday for any musician who wants to turn up and get up on stage to strut their stuff with some other musicians. The nights are free-form so anything can...

What's on today

English Ham & Mustard Crisps @ 7 Eleven
Heng @ Pluk Bhi Rom
Fried Maki @ Tomodachi
12 Strong
Isan Food @ Ton Malakaw

Monday March 19

Chef's Kitchen Tandoori Paste Review

This is my experience of using the Chef’s Kitchen Tandoori Paste which is part of the new range of Indian Curries available at Korat Chef. I didn’t want to just write a basic recipe because often recipes leave out important or helpful information, usually because they assume we should know certain things already. I’ve...

At the movies

Den of Thieves

Gerard Butler and Pablo Schreiber star in Christian Gudegast's crime thriller about a team of bank robbers and the cops trying to catch them. Testosterone drips off Christian Gudegast's cops-and-robbers thriller that has all the phony authenticity of its Atlanta locations pretending to be Los Angeles. Co-stars Gerard Butler and Pablo Schreiber...


Free Haircuts @ Around Town

Ajarn Prayon is a hairdressing teacher who does free haircuts at different places in town from Monday to Friday. He sets up stalls with a few barbers according to the day of the week, as follows...



Watch Siamese Crocodiles @ the Reservoirs near Phimai

Siamese Crocodiles are one of the smallest crocodile species in the world. There are of course smaller species of alligators and cayman and there is of course Africa's Dwarf Crocodile, but when it comes to true crocs, the Siamese is the very baby cousin of a 20 plus foot Saltwater Crocodile. The...

Monday March 19

Modern Two storey house at SUT

This recently completed two storey modern home is currently for sale by Centuary 21 Land D Property in SUT. It features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a spacious living room, a nice dining room and kitchen. Also included in the sale price are a water tank and water pump. The property has the space to park one car...

More Top Properties

Townhouse in Jeera High Speed Town
Luxury property on Maha Witthayalai Road
Large Commercial/Residential property on Roengchai Road
Beautiful bungalow in Pud-Sa-Wee village, Joho
Complete Apartment Building

Fancy a Drink?

Chocolate Oreo Shake @ Yen Hey

Yen Hey is a lovely café and gets very busy after school at about 5:00pm with lots of students eating and drinking snacks, but at other times of the day, you can have it to your self. It's air con inside...


Swimming Pool @ The Mall

The Mall swimming pool is a great place to spend an afternoon. The Olympic size pool is 50 metres in length and is next to Fantasia Lagoon water park. It’s an open air pool with clean decent changing rooms and toilets as well as lockers and food vendors. If you can't find what you want at the food stalls, which tend to be meats on on sticks, som tam...

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