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Sunday January 21

Big Night Out @ Check In Korat

If you have been in Korat for a while, you will remember some of the finest nightclubs to have graced the city. Namely, Speed 2, Tawan Daeng, Bar Nana, Living Bar, Update, Koracha Rhwng Beer (formally Ratchasima-Krung Tep/RCA), HIP Bar and The Fun Factory (AKA Diva and several other names during...

Upcoming Highlight

Yamin @ The Monkey Bar

If you were fortunate enough to be at The Monkey Bar's first Jam Night of 2018 a few weeks ago then you may have noticed that a 'celebrity' arrived half way through the night much to the amazement...

What's on today

Hotbox Meals @ Korat Chef
Heng @ Pluk Bhi Rom
Evening Buffet @ Sima Thani Hotel
Murder on the Orient Express
Katsu Curry with Pork Cutlet @ Genki Ramen

Sunday January 21

Real Beef Burgers @ May's Steak Burgers NBK

​​Contrary to popular belief, I don't eat burgers for every meal. These burgers from NBK Market near ​T​he Dusit Princess Hotel do​,​ however​,​ make me consider that option.​ For so long, the standard of burger in Korat has been well below par, but in the past few years, places like this have really stepped it up a notch... or 7.​ Thanks to...

At the movies

12 Strong

Sans magic hammer, Chris Hemsworth's career as a leading man is spotty at best. It seems he just needed horse co-stars. The Thor star saddles up as an Army Special Forces captain in 12 Strong (★★½ out of four; rated R; in theaters nationwide Friday), a commendable war drama based on the first American military offensive in...


Fuller's Beer Promotion @ Prew Bar

Prew Bar is one of the nicest places to go for an evening beer in Korat. It never really gets too load or busy, but it has a lovely atmosphere when there are a few people in the bar...



Home for the Aged Ratchasima

A new home for the aged opened in early 2017 in a nice location in central Korat. It sits in lovely grounds near the Meteorological Department in the Dech Udom area. Facilities are all brand new and the staff, from nurses to admin are all well trained to look after the elderly. Accommodation varies depending on...

Sunday January 21

Luxury property on Maha Witthayalai Road

This modern, luxury property is situated​ ​on​ ​M​​aha Witthayalai Road which is near​ ​Suranaree University of Technology and Sarasas School​ just off the road to Korat Zoo.​ ​This 2 story detached house's features​ ​include a​n en-suite ​master​ ​bedroom​ (with bathtub in the bathroom)​​,​ ​​a second bathroom, ​a ​downstairs ​patio with...

More Top Properties

High end luxury detached house in Surananree-ville
Lovely house in Rungnirun 6, Joho
Charming character property in Land & Houses
Complete Apartment Building
Modern Two storey house at SUT

Fancy a Drink?

Imported Beers @ The Mall

The Mall has always sold the best selection of foreign goodies when it comes to food and snacks, but it appears they have now upped their game in the beer section too. They are now stocking...


Badminton @ The Peak Club

If you’re looking for a game of badminton in Korat, you can head to Bung Talua and find The Peak Club. Open every day until late. There are 6 courts available in a large indoor sports room. Shower facilities and decent changing rooms too. It costs 150 Baht per hour to rent the court and you can rent racquets for for...

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