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Monday October 24

Have a Cold Beer @ The Oasis Bar

Oasis Bar is a new bar in the Dech Udom area of town near Nong Pai Lom. It has a nice bricked interior with a stage and bar area, as well as a large outdoor seating space. The music is an eclectic mix of rock and overall great tunes, and the best reason for going... the price of the beer! If you are looking for a place to have a beer...

Upcoming Highlight

Curry Night @ Oasis

Oasis will hold an Indian Dinner & Fundraiser on Saturday 29th October 2016 at 7pm. Jimmy’s mum will prepare 2 authentic Indian curries and a few other sides as well​ for what will be a night...

What's on today

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At the movies

Suicide Squad

"Suicide Squad” is a concept in search of a story worth telling. Both energized and betrayed by its “Worst.Heroes.Ever” theme and writer-director David Ayer’s trademark visceral filmmaking, it ends up in a kind of limbo, not as strong as partisans will insist or as worthless as its weakest elements would have you believe. The latest dark end of the street...

Monday October 24

Larb Moo Tod Burger @ Check Inn

I've always been a fan of fusion cooking, mixing the best of one country's cuisine with the best of another normally produces a meal which is better than the sum of its parts. The Larb Moo Tod burger available at the Check Inn is no exception. Larb is regarded as the national dish of Laos, but it is also eaten...


Happy Daze @ Check Inn

The Check Inn are currently running a 'Forget Happy Hours, Let's have Happy Daze!' promotion, offering discounts on large bottles of beer between 2:00pm and 6:00pm. The promotion is...



Visit a beachy thing @ Had Jom Thong, Khonburi

Korat is a long way from the sea, but believe it or not it's a lot closer to a beach, but don't get too excited it's not the Costa del Sol, Waikiki, Bondai or even Blackpool. It's more of a beach in concept than in practice but never the less it's the closest you'll get to a proper beach without a very long drive to the coast. It's...

Monday October 24

Detached House in Neo Park

This modern detached house is currently for sale in Neo Park. The property comprises three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, a separate dining room, and kitchen. The modern, western style kitchen includes a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and air-conditioner. The property is surrounded by easy...

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Fancy a Drink?

Mont Clair Brut Sparkling Wine @ Tesco Lotus

I love a good bottle of wine and the fact that it's always been so expensive in Thailand has always made it something I only bought for special occasions. But thankfully...


Kayaking Club @ Khao Yai

Nakhorn Ratchasima is Thailand's biggest province. It offers tourists a lot, but not all of it is in the city of Korat. Khao Yai National Park has some beautiful scenery and some very interesting and diverse outdoor sports if you know how to find them. Most travel guides for Thailand don't mention what you can do in the area, so you have to look elsewhere and...

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